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Stocanin Music Productions

Hi! My name is Samir.

I was born in Sarajevo in 1972. I got my first guitar when I was 9, changed to drums when I was 13, and played throughout my teenage years in number of rock bands, sometimes switching from drums to bass.

In early 90s I worked as tone technician in music production at Federal Television in Sarajevo.
The late 90s saw me living in Bremen where I mingled in Music scene and played drums in a punk band called "Scapegoats". Well, that was Rock'n'Roll.

Soon I started creating my home studio, went digital, spent most of my time playing keyboard and became mesmerized by the concept of music production.

I 've been living in Berlin since 2003. I started playing bass in "Ernst Sahne Ensemble" when I was asked If I could imagine making film music! This question triggered all new creative side of me...

Today, thanks to my network, I can offer a large recording studio with comfortable recording space and state-of-the-art equipment as well as different profiles of studio musicians and my over 20 years R'n'R know-how.


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